About Mama Reads

As an avid reader I see the reasoning and logic in helping promote the numerous authors in the world. There are so many good stories in the minds of these creative geniuses that are simply begging to be set free. I see it as my book-loving duty to do everything in my power to allow the authors the freedom to do what they do best. Write.

Authors – Let me help you launch your newest baby into the limelight with the determination that only a mama can provide. My dedicated Mama Reads Team is ready to assist you in this venture.

I am sure that there are a plethora of moments that authors wish that they could “just sit down and get a few words out.” The Mama Reads Team can help you find those precious moments by working in ernest to propel your newest project into the right hands.

Allow me and my team to help.

There are a variety of services that my team and I provide that could garner you more time to work on the other projects that are tugging on your pants leg.

As a mama myself, I yearn to see my children soar from my hands into the bright world. Let me make that happen with your baby. The project that you have lovingly nurtured and grown; I will bolster your baby and watch it soar as if it were my own.

In His Grace.

Callie Domingues
Founder of Mama Reads