A Faith of Her Own by Kathleen Fuller

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A Faith of Her Own by Kathleen Fuller

I have a confession.

I love Amish fiction.

Truly I do.

I sometimes think I should have been Amish. Or I was in a previous life (if I believed in such things!).


The Story

This is the first I have read of Kathleen Fuller’s books and I love the way she weaves her tale with ease and swiftness. This story is a tale of young Amish friends that have fallen out of friendships and are finding their way back. Even though one of them deserted the way of the Amish and found his way in the English world.

Anna Mae has never quite forgiven Jeremiah for leaving without saying goodbye. Once the best of friends she was heartbroken that he left the Amish to pursue his dream of becoming a Veterinarian. She still makes time to see to the care of Amos, Jeremiah’s older brother, just like when they were children. Amos is a huggable man that is slightly developmentally delayed and still has some child like needs. He is a good man, yet a child at heart. And Anna Mae loves him as her own brother.

Jeremiah was called home. Not by his family but by the local veterinarian. Doc is getting older and has sustained a leg break and needed the help. This return is hard for Jeremiah due to the circumstances surrounding his departure. Will he be forgiven and allowed to stay and make amends or will this return cause more heartache for the ones he loves?

Bekah, Anna Mae’s cousin, is a free spirited young woman that cannot seem to find the one Amish man to take her as his wife. She has little skills as a homemaker because she would rather be outdoors, fishing, or horse riding. She joined the church at a young age so why hasn’t she settled down like so many of her friends and family? Will her independent streak cause her to end up alone?

Caleb, Jeremiah’s cousin, is a good Amish man. He raises horses with his brother Johnny, and he is down right good at breaking those horses for resale. He has a good life and enjoys it most days. So why is it that Bekah drives him so insane? She irritates him with her carelessness, flightiness, and laziness. Why doesn’t she just grow up already and get married, as a good Amish girl is supposed to?

A story of deep rooted faith that comes up against a faith that is unsettling to most Amish. Can you still have a deep relationship with God if you walked away from the church? Not only is it possible, it is also a freeing personal relationship for most. Forgiveness is the base of this personal relationship and this proves true in the story when even the most unforgivable sins can be made right.

Journey through the relationships of young love, the gracefulness of forgiveness, and the truth behind each individual decision to love a God that loves no matter what.

Can following your heart lead you away from God or draw you closer to Him? This story shows just how much God’s love can overflow into your life and help make tough decisions a little bit easier.


My Thoughts

I really enjoyed this book and if you are a fan of Amish fiction than do not hesitate to pick up this wonderful book. The characters were true and the flow of conversations was beautiful. The writing was superb and I always enjoy the uniqueness of the Pennsylvania Dutch woven into the conversations.

I look forward to reading more from this author. A wonderful read for those that enjoy a well written Amish romance.


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