Betting on Hope by Debra Clopton

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Betting on Hope by Debra Clopton

My Thoughts

Maggie Hope is a klutz (and I should know, because I am one also!). As a newspaper column writer she isn’t one for T.V. interviews, especially ones that require talking to good looking cowboys.

Tru Monahan is a cowboy that values his private life but is under contract to publicly perform. Meeting for a T.V. interview is all work for him. That is until he sees Maggie Hope.

A quick quip about being a to teach anyone to ride a horse, and be good enough to compete, Tru throws down a bet to Maggie. Not one for showing a weak side, she agrees to the bet, to save face as well as to keep her position as a weekly columnist at the paper.

What begins as a fierce battle of wills, ends up being a story that proves that not all secrets are worthy of keeping. Secrets of the heart require that you become vulnerable as well as being able to trust again.

This story takes place in beautiful Wishing Springs, or rather, God’s County. A stunning place that makes me wish it was real! I fell for the town folks, and felt like they would be lovely folks to get to know better.

This is a story that is about trust, believing in your self, grace, God, and love. Not overtly religious book, mere mentions or praying and going to church sprinkled throughout the story.

I enjoyed the book and the easy flow of the story. The characters were believable, with real life issues, with emotions that touched my heart. Trusting others and being hurt is all a part of life, and this author does a wonderful job of writing these emotions well. The flow of conversation, the true to life word usage, and the antics of the characters drew me into the story.

A fun read for me, one that makes me look forward to the other books in this series that are sure to come.






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