Chance of Loving You by Terri Blackstock, Candace Calvert, and Susan May Warren

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Chance of Loving You by Terri Blackstock, Candace Calvert, and Susan May Warren

A sweet collection of three stories written by some of the best Christian authors:

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Each story is stand alone and complete. These short stories all revolve around taking a chance on love. Such sweet stories and a pure delight to read!


For Love of Money by Terri Blackstone

Blake and Julie meet in a cafe on a dark and rainy night ( a wonderful way to beginning any story!). Blake is down on his luck, no job, no finances to speak of. Julie is a waitress trying to make ends meet while she dreams of becoming a fashion designer. A spark of attraction and a lottery ticket leads to frustrations, money, fear, and ultimately love.

Paths cross and emotions run high but where does God fit into the everyday plans of a waitress and her customer? Will they both learn that money isn’t evil yet it isn’t everything either?

These characters are well written with wonderful personal interaction. There is humor laced with easily identifiable emotions. These characters are well written and they felt so real that I could completely envision their adventure.

I enjoy Terri Blackstone’s stories and this one did not disappoint.


The Recipe by Candace Calvert

Aimee and Lucas meet in a hospital room over boiled rice and a black olive. Aimee is a dietary tech at the hospital that dreams of becoming a well-known chef. Lucas is a crime sense investigator that is praying for a miracle. Love can be found in the most unlikely places.

Adventure with a culinary twist makes for a fun and enjoyable read. Can each of them overcome the obstacles in front of them to find peace and happiness? Or does the worst have to happen before they realize their callings?

Candace Calvert makes my mouth water with her food based story and then tickles my funny bone with a dash of humor. The characters are well written and true to life as the dialogue flows like an everyday conversation.

This was a sweet read and I look forward to more stories by this author.


Hook, Line, and Sinker by Susan May Warren

Ross and Abby had been best friends but when personal tragedy struck everything changed.

Ross is a youth leader at college and has the charisma to light up a room. He is the center of attention no matter where he goes yet deep down he has a  heart for the broken. PhD or not, can he be a fisher of men?

Abby is one of the broken. Her heart years to repair the relationship she once had with Ross but she doesn’t see how it can ever be like it was before. With plans and goals can she overlook the present and find peace with the past?

Through in some hearty competition, some baseball, a fishing tournament, and some good old preaching and you get a rib tickling, fun, and absolutely enjoyable read. The conversations are real and the characters are well written.

Susan May Warren writes a story of hope, restoration, and love that pulls at your heart. I look forward to reading more from her.


My Thoughts

All three short stories are drawn on the principle of relying on God and following His path for your life and love. I enjoyed this anthology and look forward to more stories from each of these authors.

It is refreshing to read love stories that do not solely rely on physical attraction but a yearning to follow God’s lead. Each author makes sure to show the characters dependence on praying and faith in the daily decisions that are necessary for a relationship with God.

Though each story points this out not one of the stories felt the least bit “preachy” to me. They each simply made a point of showing that each character had a personal relationship with God then wrote in the characters silent prayers, which worked well. Never did I feel that this approach was forced, it was an easy flow into most of the characters conversations as well.

Keep it up ladies, I can’t wait to read more stories like these!



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