Choosing Him All Over Again by Juana Mikels

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Choosing Him All Over Again by Juana Mikels

My Thoughts

“A good marriage is not something you find, but something you make.” Juana Mikels

There are days that I know it is wrong to hold onto my anger, but yet at the same time I feel justified for the anger.

Why do I always have to be the one that says, “I’m sorry”?

Shouldn’t he be the one this time? Do I always have to be the “better person”?

The short answer.


The long answer.

Yes. Because how Christlike is it to steep in your “justified anger”? If you want to win this man over for Christ, then you need to pray about what ever the situation may be, then approach your man with a heart full of forgiveness.

No, it is never easy to be the first to apologize (and really mean it). But is always the right thing to do.

No matter who starts the argument it is okay to be the first to apologize. And let me share with you why…

There once was a woman named Juana Mikels and she recently shared a story with me. Well, not just me, but it sure felt like it was for me. Her story was in the form of a book. A story that is raw, deep, and true. These are the effect her words had on me as I read Juana’s story.

Choosing Him All Over Again is a story about being lost, then being found, then finding redemption. It is a story about love, Jesus, and salvation. It is about marriage, hope, and truth.

I am not in the situation that Juana was but a lot of the truths that she spoke about were thoughts that I have often had as a wife.

You may ask why this book is so important. Here is why:

The world has such a skewed version of marriage. The world (the devil) sees marriage as a means to an end, selfishness is his end game. But the God says differently. He says that marriage is selfless and service to your spouse.

There are so many books written on marriage. I should know. I have read a lot of them. Unfortunately though, most are based on a secular (of the world) view of marriage and ultimately fail in being any help at all. They have little practical advice and zero Biblical advice.

You know the books:

  • “Do What Feels Right”
  • “Do What You Want”
  • “Say What You Feel”
  • “Live Like You Want”
  • “Marriage is All About You”
  • “Marriage Failing, Move On”

All of these are lies straight from the the devil’s mouth.

The world says that if your marriage is too hard, you can throw it away with a divorce. But God says it is fixable and an institution to be honored. The Bible also says that as you serve one another and keep Christ as the focal point and guiding light, you can make the “too hard” marriage into a marriage that glorifies Him.

In Choosing Him All Over Again we are brought into Juana’s world as she comes thought one of the hardest times in her life, a marriage that is broken and seemly broken beyond repair, she comes from no Jesus to the point of More Jesus and Less of Herself.

As you read Juana’s story you will see that the road often travelled is full of bumps, bruises, and misunderstandings. As you get further into her story you will see that as Juana grows as a Christian just how mightily and amazingly Christ can influence your marriage.

One of my favorite sections of the book is the reminder that physical intimacy is the will of God for marriages. Seriously.

“Make whatever changes you need to make to improve your physical intimacy together and make it as great as God designed it to be.” (page 106)

So Be Your Husband’s Wife Fully with God’s complete Blessing

If your marriage is on shaky ground, broken, full of discontent, anger, or anything that just doesn’t feel right, I urge you to pick up your copy of Juana’s book, today. Honestly, even if your marriage seems spot on, grab your copy anyway, it is an incredibly encouraging book for any marriage.

You will have your eyes opened about things in your marriage. Things that you deemed acceptable, well, you might think differently after reading this book.

I have been truly blessed and encouraged with the words Juana has written.

God seriously can do the impossible. Juana proves that in her book.





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