Storm Siren by Mary Weber

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Storm Siren by Mary Weber


Storm Siren by Mary Weber

Elementals are no longer around due to an ethnic cleanse so many years ago. So the fact that Nymia exists is not just unheard of, she is an anomaly. When the Elementals were around they were only male, never female. Therefore Nymia breaks all the rules.

Nymia is a slave, she has had 14 masters in her short 17 years, now is awaiting master number 15. That’s when things get out of hand. Things just never go as planned when she is around, the weather reacts to her emotions. Death. Injury. Her curse and catastrhope follows her everywhere.

She is taken in the midst of a violent self induced storm and now she is slave to the unstable Adora, High Council Member and trusted advisor to King Cedric of Faelen. She fears for her life and everyone around her. But when Nym is told that she is to learn how to control her curse, she doubts that it can ever be done. According to Adora though, she must atone for her sins and do her utmost to protect Faelen from the invading forces of Bron by becoming the best weapon in the war.

With a bit of time and guidance from Eogan, Adora’s trainer of the Uathúils, Adora believes that anything is possible. And Nym doesn’t really have a choice.

Journey with Nym as she learns to control the greatest “gift” that anyone in the Five Kingdoms as ever seen. Will Nym save Faelen and those she has come to care about or will she lose everything she is beginning to hold dear?


My Thoughts 

I am a fantasy junkie so when I picked up this book I had high hopes that this would be a good read. It is well beyond the word good…this story is a masterpiece of the written word. Mary Weber goes above and beyond in her ability to draw you into the journey of a young girl that is struggling to learn the art of self control.

As I read the story I was immersed in the legacy of the Five Kingdoms and the back story was a gripping as the current story. I completely fell in love with the characters and devoured the words on the pages as quickly as I could. I may be well beyond my years as a teen girl but I was so impressed with the reality of the author’s words and feelings of this young girl. Nym may be considered special but she still battles the internal emotions of any teen girl and the author writes this well.

The fantasy behind this story is so real to me! I had no issues falling into the world that the author has constructed. It is believable that a place like this could possibly exist and even with the threat of war, this is a place that I would love to visit.

The emotional level of this story is gripping and make you gasp in utter agreement. The twists and turns are fluid and they feel just right. I rode a roller coaster of emotions as I read the book and I was quite pleased at the end of the trip.

Also, the battle of good and evil is well written and I am delighted to read such a fantastic fantasy story that doesn’t go so far off into the darkness, well done.

As I have never read a book by Mary Weber, I am so excited to see what comes next in this series! If you are a fan of the fantasy world, I highly recommend this book as you will absolutely NOT be disappointed.


* I read this book for the sole purpose of knowing the back story of a book I agreed to review. I purchased this book but wanted to share it with you anyway…AND…you will not believe the ending! *

In His Grace.