The Wood’s Edge by Lori Benton

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The Wood’s Edge by Lori Benton

My Thoughts 

Historical novels are one of my favorite types of books. The author spends an amazing amount of time researching so that their story is true to the time period they are writing about.

I have never read any books by Lori Benton before and I have to say that I am impressed with her writing abilities. She wrote of the the struggles of America’s birth and the plight of Loyalists and the emerging American farmers and traders. I think she did an excellent job of accurately portraying the difficulties of war and the possibility of peace with the Indian nations.

In this story we are led through a tale of deceit, pain, and unforgivable sin that is woven with love, strength, grace, forgiveness, and peace.

Twin boys are born to a white woman that was captured as a child and raised to become Oneida Indian. Two boys, one as pale white as his mother, one as brown as his Indian father. The white boy, that is to become William, is stolen by Major Reginald Aubrey, in a flash of irrational fear, for his wife had just birthed a baby boy and he died within a short time of his birth. Trying to keep his wife’s mental state from total collapse, he makes the choice to place his dead son in the basket with the other twin, removing the baby from his mother.

Found along the road side during a battle crying beside her dead mother, the Major’s new daughter Anna, grows up knowing the pain of not being enough for someone. Yet grows up loving young William as her own beloved brother. Time moves at a devastating pace and before Anna knows what is happening, William is moving across the ocean with his mother to England to finish his studies.

Two Hawks is the beautiful Oneida twin left behind to grieve the loss of his missing twin from years back. After much searching, he finds his way to the edge of the wood along the Aubry farm. There he meets young Anna, that is saddened because William is so far away. But this beautiful young man is so familiar in so many ways, yet a mystery at the same time.

Is an unforgivable sin any different than a festering old war wound? No

Can God bring peace to even the most hardened hearts? Yes

Will God’s love let others see pass the sins of their loved ones and create in them a new heart? Yes

This is a story with so much more than the written words no the page.

This story shows that God can conquer every sin, every mistake, every hard heart. He can bring together the right people at the right times. And that love can blossom in the most unforeseen places.

A well thought out story that I am so pleased that I was able to read. I am already looking forward to the next book in this series. I was devouring it and was so surprised that there is still so much more to tell. This is a story that I will eagerly dive back into when the newest book is in print.





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